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Garlic Advantages and Disadvantages – Garlic Uses, Precautions

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Garlic has been used for centuries to fight and treat bacteria and viruses. Here we are discussing garlic’s advantages and disadvantages.

In ancient times, garlic cured every ailment of stomach aches to cough.

According to a study, modern science has recorded the effects of garlic to fight against heart diseases and many other diseases.

When you crush turtle garlic, a chemical called “Allicin” comes out, which adds a strong odor.

This herb is also partially useful in fighting germs and has health benefits.

Let’s Check The Most Garlic Advantages and Disadvantages Listed features.

Advantages of Garlic:

According to the US National Center for Complementary and Integrated Health (NCCIH),

  • Some studies suggest that allicin may lower blood cholesterol. However, other studies disagree.
  • Garlic can be useful in atherosclerosis, a disease in which the arteries begin to harden or constrict. This can lead to stroke or heart disease.
  • Like aspirin, garlic also dilutes the blood. Now it depends on your health whether you will benefit from thinning blood or thickening?
  • Herbs can reduce the risk of certain types of cancer. However, a long-term study has shown that garlic has no effect on gastric cancer.

Disadvantages of Garlic:

According to the NCCAM:

  • It has been noted that garlic affects the action of certain drugs.
  • Garlic also affects the dissolution of the drug in the body. If you use garlic with a vulnerable medicine, very little of the medicine will enter your body.
  • If a person is taking AIDS medicine, he should not use garlic.
  • Garlic causes a burning sensation in the mouth.
  • Garlic can cause diarrhea.
  • It can cause flatulence.
  • Garlic irritates the chest and stomach.
  • Garlic can cause vomiting and stomach upset.
  • Because garlic can dilute the blood, people must consult a doctor before using garlic supplements.

Garlic Advantages and Disadvantages Comparison

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