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Fraud Episode 18 with English Subtitles – 03rd September 2022

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Drama Fraud Episode 18 with English Subtitles – 03rd September 2022.

The drama Fraud was initially released on May 14, 2022. This show is telecasted once a week on Saturday at 8 PM (PKT) on the private channel ARY Digital.

Saqib Khan is the director and Luqman Khan is the DOP (Director of Photography) for this great show.

The drama “Fraud” was written by famous writer Zanjabeel Asim Shah and produced by Abdullah Seja. It is a production of “iDream Entertainment”.

Fraud – Cast & Characters:

In this drama, Ahsan Khan is appearing as Tabraiz, Saife Hasan as KhawaFr (Tabraiz’s father), Annie Zaidi as Tabraiz’s mother, Saba Qamar as Maya, Rabya Kulsoom as Maila (Maya’s sister), Nida Mumtaz as Shehnaz (Maya’s mother), and Mehmood Aslam as Nisar (Maya’s father).

Nazli Nasr is showing her talent as Shazia (Nisar’s sister), Adnan Samad Khan as Nael (Shazia’s son & Maya’s cousin), Mikaal Zulfiqar as Shan, Asma Abbas as Shan’s mother, Naeema Butt as Tooba (Shan’s sister), Irfan Khoosat as Chaudhry, Maryam Shafi as Chaudhry’s wife, Syed Ali Hassan as Talal, and Farah Nadeem as Talal’s mother.

Izzah Malik, Sohail Masood, Sharafat Ali Shah, Salma Qadir, Rohi Khan, Kinza Razzak, and Hassan Shahnawaz Zaidi are also performing their respective characters in this drama.

Recap of Previous Episode

Shana is amazed by Tabraiz and his family and solicitations that her ideal accomplice fixes the wedding date immediately. Chaudhry urges her to think carefully and not seek after a decision carelessly.

After a short time, he sorts out through the go-between who sold Tabraiz the home that Tabraiz and his family are “genuine”. Talal is delighted to hear that Nisar truly assented to the idea.

His mother, Safiya requests that Shehnaz set the wedding soon. Seeing Nisar’s faltering, Talal won’t take any recommendations and proposes doing an obvious wedding. Unequivocally when Shehnaz chooses to call Shazia to the wedding, Nisar becomes incensed and totally obstructs her from doing it inside that cutoff.

Tabraiz who has taken the presence of Hashim finally Weds Rehana. Chaudhary outfits his young lady with an enormous part of the land in the settlement. While Tabraiz/Hashim is glad to have it, he sets up a demonstration of humbleness and reluctantly recollects it.

Link to Watch the Drama Fraud Episode 18

This drama is aired at 8:00 PM; the link is usually posted here at about 9:00 PM. Here are the links from Fraud Episode 18

Trailer Fraud Episode 19 Teaser:

Here is a link to enjoy the trailer (Teaser) for the 19th episode of this beautiful drama.

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