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Feature of WhatsApp Global Voice Message Player

Problem of long voice messages on WhatsApp solved

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Here is good news that WhatsApp has solved the big problem of long voice messages with its new feature “WhatsApp Global Voice Message Player”.

WhatsApp, a popular messaging app around the world, is working on a global voice message player to solve a major problem for users.

What is the benefit of this new feature of WhatsApp Global Voice Message Player?

So the question is, do you also get bothered by long voice messages on your WhatsApp?

A Website says that WhatsApp’s Global Voice Message Player will be available for the beta version of Android and the beta version of the iPhone.

WhatsApp Global Voice Message Player:

What is Global Voice Message Player? If you get tired of long voice messages and can’t leave the chat.

Because voicemail is muted when you leave a chat, this feature is for your convenience.

It should be noted that WhatsApp keeps making new changes day by day keeping in view the convenience of the users.

The company is now working on an update to the voice message feature.

Under this feature, the user will be able to leave the chat and go to another chat while listening to the voice message.

And there he will be able to answer that user easily.

This feature will appear at the very top of the mobile screen, you can pause listening to it whenever you want or even remove it from the screen.

But keep in mind that this feature is still being worked on, WhatsApp can also change the color of the voice message player, etc.

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