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Famous Tik-Toker beguiled Ertugral Ghazi fame Engin Altan

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Istanbul: Pakistani Tik-Toker is accused to defraud Ertugral Ghazi fame Engin Altan. After being beguiled, the hero of the world-renowned drama series of TRT1 “Dirilis Ertugrul”, Engin Altan unilaterally canceled his contract with a Pakistani Tik-Toker and businessman last week.

This was revealed by Pakistani journalist Dr. Furqan in his latest column. Dr. Furqan said, “It is being said why the person who invited Engin Altan Düzyatan has not been investigated before”?

“So let me clear that from the time when the Turkish drama series “Ertugrul Ghazi” started on PTV. Managers of different Pakistani firms approached Engin directly in different ways and through different personalities”, said Dr. Furqan.

Ertugral Ghazi fame Engin Altan in Pakistan

Engin Altan talking to media in Lahore, Pakistan

Dr. Furqan writes, “After my first interview with Engin Altan, the Tik-Toker contacted and informed me of his desire to meet Engin Altan and invite him to Pakistan”.

“A high ranking Pakistani political figure also described the Tik-Toker as a trustworthy and good man as his family member”, added the columnist.

The columnist wrote, “I arranged for Tik-Toker to meet Engin Altan the next day in Istanbul and an agreement was done.”

“Before coming to Lahore, it was agreed between the parties that before the agreement, half of the agreed amount, i.e. 500,000 US $, would be deposited in the bank and its receipt, check and soft code would be given to Engin Altan”. Said Mr. Furqan.

Contract Details

(From left to Right) Engin Altan, Mian Kashif, Dr. Furqan

“The social media star handed over a check for the deposit of 500,000 US $ in the bank and the soft code to Engin Altan and assured him that the check would be cashed in the bank through the soft code as soon as he arrived in Turkey”, explained Dr. Furqan.

Dr. Furqan wrote, “After arriving in Turkey, Engin Altan informed me that he had not received the money, moreover despite repeating reminders, the money was not transferred.”

The columnist cun translator writes, “He contacted the bank and found there was no money in the account. Despite this attitude, Engin Altan remained silent out of deep love for Pakistan.”

Ertugral Ghazi fame Engin Altan to Suo

“When Altan did not receive the money even after two months, he issued a press release to the Pakistani media to unilaterally cancel the agreement” said Dr. Furqan.

The Istanbul based columnist writes, “When two months later, Altan did not receive the money, he issued a press release to the Pakistani media to unilaterally cancel the deal.”

“Upon his return to Turkey, the Pakistani media reported on the Tik-Tokers criminal record. In this regard, Engin Altan intends to go to the Pakistani Consul General in Istanbul soon and file a report against the said person”, the mediator concluded.

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