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Ertugrul famed Gulsim Ali released her selfie album which stunned her fans.

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Istanbul: Ertugrul famed Gulsim Ali released her selfie album which stunned her fans. Every photo in the album is proof of her God-given beauty.

Gulsim Ali uploaded her new selfies to her official Instagram account in which the Turkish actress looks very beautiful and charming.

She has named these six selfies “Caravan Diaries”. The pictures, taken in the early morning of shining spring, are enough to amaze anyone in just a single glance.

Ertugrul famed Gulsim Ali: Details of Photos

Ertugrul famed Gulsim Ali

  • In her first selfie, the Turkish actress is looking happy with a smile on her lips. It seems as if her half-opened lips are trying to say something.
  • In the second photo, Gülsim Ali has made a cute pout by clenching her lips.
  • In the third picture, the actress, popularly known as Ertugrul heroin mischievously presses her tongue to her teeth and looks very cute.

Ertugral’s Aslihan Gulsim Ali looks more than beauteous in a new post

  • In her fourth photo, Turk’s beauty has angrily left her lips loose and made her face.
  • In the fifth picture, the Turkish actress has her eyes closed. It seems she’s feeling great, whether it is a feeling of love or a pleasant memory.
  • In the sixth and final picture, Gülsim Ali is looking in the mirror into her own eyes. It seems as if she was fascinated by her own beauty.

The Photo Analysis

Ertugrul famed Gulsim Ali

The Turkish actress not only looks pretty in these pictures, but she has also shown her expertise by taking these selfies in a very naughty way.

Probably, using her new iPhone, the Turkish actress took these selfies while looking in the mirror.

In these photos, She is wearing a floral shirt. She is holding her mobile phone in one hand, from which she is taking selfies.

The Turkish actress is also wearing a beautiful watch on the wrist of the other hand. As always, fans have loved these pictures of Ertugrul’s heroin.

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