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Drama Pehchaan Episode 01 to 04

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Drama Pehchaan Episode 01 to 04

The drama Pehchaan was initially released on June 9, 2022.

This show is telecasted twice a week on Thursday & Friday at 8 PM (PKT) on private channel HUM TV.

The drama Pehchaan is written by famous writer Rubina Kabir Khan and produced by Momina Duraid. It is a production of MD Productions.

Asad Jabal is the director and DOP by Azhar Ali and Abrar Ayub.

Cast of Drama Pehchaan:

Qavi Khan, Noor ul Hassan, Nadia Khan, Huma Nawab, Hiba Bukhari, Hajra Khan, Faizan Khan, Aadi Khan, Syed Mohammed Ahmed, Syed Jibran, Nadia Hussain, Syeda Tuba Aamir, Salma Asim, Sajida Syed, Sadaf Aashan, Sohail Sameer, Shakeeb Anwar, Mirza Zain Baig, Khwaja Naeem Haq, Eshal Fayyaz, Diya Mughal, Birjees Farooqui, Arshad Ghori, Anoosheh Rania Khan (Childstar), Ahmed Usman (Childstar), Anaya Khan, Aina Asif, Usman Mazhar

Links to Watch Drama Pehchaan

Here are the links from Pehchaan Episode 01-04

Pehchaan Episode 01

The episode begins with Sharmeen otherwise known as Kuki thinking back to her bygone eras when she was a lighthearted young lady, brimming with life.

In the present, she is a hitched lady and a mother of two adult children, Fahad and Hamna, having a sumptuous existence abroad with her better half, Adnan. In spite of her tranquil life, Sharmeen is constantly lost and appears to be discontent.

Adnan’s dad is really happy with his girls in regulation and doesn’t pass up on an opportunity to see the value in her yet his mom Nafeesa favors Adnan more than Kuki. Adnan’s sister, Shaheena lives at her folks’ home alongside her child, Umer who is keen on Hamna.

Shaheena is frantically standing by to hitch Umer with Hamna once Kuki gets back to Pakistan. Kuki is good to go to visit Pakistan alone however continues to talk dubiously to her better half that she probably won’t bring back. Adnan who has become absolutely subject to Kuki guarantees her that nothing appalling will occur and that she will securely return.

Here is a link to enjoy 1st episode of this beautiful drama.

Pehchaan Episode 02

Prior to leaving, Kuki says goodbye to her youngsters and spouse. In the meantime, in Pakistan, her folks, kin, and parents-in-law are frantically hanging tight for her appearance.

Shaheena shows up at the air terminal to get Kuki just to find that she is mysteriously absent. The fresh insight about Kuki disappearing fans out quickly in her family, leaving everybody concerned.

Adnan wastes his time and feels powerless as he can not do anything from far off. Shaheena sends Umer to the common flying office to enquire about Kuki where he looks over the CCTV film just to find Kuki casually interacting with a person.

While Nafeesa and Shaheena revile Kuki for being characterless, Adnan and his dad can’t trust it. Adnan demands Shaheena report a missing protest about Kuki however Shaheena declines.

Kuki’s senior sister, Hina who has consistently begrudged Kuki makes a move to revile her, maddening her folks who are not prepared to pay attention to a word against their darling girl.

Here is a link to enjoy 2nd episode of this beautiful drama.

Pehchaan Episode 03

Shaheena enquires Adnan about his relationship with Kuki to track down a justification for Kuki’s disloyalty. Adnan guarantees his sister that both of them were carrying on with a magnificent existence in Istanbul and that he is dumbfounded why Kuki made such a striking stride.

He then, at that point, looks for help from his police companion who promptly recruits a secret investigator, Dilshad, to search for Sharmeen. In the wake of going through the CCTV film, Dilshad shows up at Kuki’s folks’ home to examine her past.

Incidentally, Kuki’s folks wedded her off early on the exact moment proposition after they dismissed the main proposition for Kuki that came from their neighbor, Aziz Waqar. Dilshad finds that the person in the CCTV film is, as a matter of fact, Aziz.

At the point when Adnan is educated about the turn of events, he goes directly to Kuki’s closest companion, Nargis who is Aziz’s sister to ask about her loafer sibling. In any case, he neglects to get any data and chooses to travel to Pakistan.

Here is a link to enjoy 3rd episode of this beautiful drama.

Pehchaan Episode 04

Adnan shows up in Pakistan and can’t quit pondering his experience with Kuki. His family welcomes him unfortunately as he communicates his sadness and hopelessness to them.

The whole family attempts to keep his spirits high however without any result. A flashback scene uncovers that Kuki once welcomed Nargis and Aziz to her home in Istanbul.

Adnan minds seeing Aziz and Kuki casually collaborating with one another and requests that Kuki avoids meeting or welcoming her companions once more.

Kuki doesn’t avoid herself and contends with her significant other for not regarding her decisions in spite of the way that she never scrutinized Adnan’s decisions. Adnan goes to meet Aziz and ask about Kuki yet is bewildered to observe that he knows nothing about her.

At the point when Adnan asserts him for keeping Kuki stowed away, Aziz lets Adnan know that he is before long getting hitched to another person.

Here is a link to enjoy 4th episode of this beautiful drama.

Trailer Pehchaan Episode 05 Teaser:

Here is a link to enjoy the trailer (Teaser) for the 5th episode of this beautiful drama.

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