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DG ISI General Nadeem Anjum: Biography, Career

Birth, Hometown, Family Life, Education, Military career, and Hobbies of DG ISI General Nadeem Ahmad Anjum

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DG ISI General Nadeem Anjum: Biography, Birth, Hometown, Education, Military, Hobbies Career, 

Lieutenant General Nadeem Anjum is a military officer in the Pakistan Army, a three-star ranking general.

Lt. Gen Nadeem Ahmad Anjum currently serves as the DG ISI (the Director-General of Inter-Services Intelligence).

Family, Birth, Education, Early Life:

Lt Gen Nadeem Anjum belongs to Mohra Sheikhan, Gujar Khan.

Mohra Sheikhan, Kontrilla, is in Rawalpindi.

Military Career of General Nadeem:

DG ISI General Nadeem
General Nadeem (Left) was appointed DG ISI in place of General Faiz Hameed (Right).

He is a graduate of the UK’s Royal College of Defence Studies.

Hailing from the PMA (Pakistan Military Academy’s 78th Long Course), he was commissioned in the Light Anti-Tank Battalion of the Punjab Regiment

Lt Gen Nadeem holds a degree from the APCSS (Asia-Pacific Centre for Security Studies, Honolulu).

He served as the commandant of the Command and Staff College, Quetta.

The new DG ISI also commanded a brigade in Kurram Agency, Hangu.

DG ISI Lieutenant General Nadeem Ahmad Anjum also served as Inspector general of Frontier Corps, Balochistan.

He served as IGFC from December 2016 to December 2018.

He was promoted to the three-star rank of Lt. Gen. in September 2019.

Lieutenant General Nadeem Ahmad Anjum served as a Core commander of the Karachi Corps.

He served there from December 2020 to October 2021.

General Nadeem Anjum was appointed DG ISI on 6 October 2021.

Military Operation:

  • Gen Nadeem commanded an infantry brigade in the South Waziristan agency.
  • He also commanded an infantry brigade in Kurram agency and Hangu.
  • He participated in Operation Zarb-e-Azb and Operation Raddul Fasad.

Degrees, Courses, and Alumni:

He holds a Master’s degree from King’s College, London, and NDU Islamabad.

  • Graduation from Combined Arms Centre, UK;
  • Staff College, Quetta
  • Advance Staff Course, UK
  • The NDU, Islamabad:
  • The APCSS, USA
  • The Royal College of Defence Studies, UK
  • General Nadeem has been an instructor at NDU, the PMA, and Staff College.
  • He also has been commandant of the Staff College, Quetta.


DG ISI General Nadeem
Image from Social Media: Lt. General Anjum with children

DG ISI General Anjum enjoys playing cricket and basketball.

He is a keen runner and sportsman.

Lt Gen Nadeem Ahmed Anjum Cast?

Apart from the frequently asked question of what is Lt Gen Nadeem Ahmed Anjum Cast, he is a true soldier. As a chief spymaster of Pakistan, he keeps himself away from the limelight.

DG ISI Press Conference:

It was the first time in Pakistan’s recent history that the head of its central intelligence agency, the ISI, which is behind almost every issue in the country, has addressed a press conference and opened up about the current political and social situation in the country.

When DGISI Lt Gen Nadeem Anjum assumed to charge a year ago, there were reports about him preferring to work in the background.

His predecessors were always in the news, but many times they appeared in front of the camera and participated in events. Instead, he had a ‘casual conversation’ with the media in Kabul after the Taliban took control of Afghanistan.

However, General Nadeem Anjum never came forward after taking charge of DG ISI. In fact, there were even reports that he had forbidden the release of photographs of official meetings with the Prime Minister and other high officials as he did not want his face to be exposed.

It was in this background that it was not an uncommon occurrence when he attended the press conference held at ISPR on Thursday which was telecast live on all TV channels.

In the last few decades, Pakistan has gone through several periods of war in Afghanistan, terrorism within the country, tension with India and political emergency, but the ISI chief has never directly addressed a press conference like this and asked questions. Answers not given.

And Lt. Gen. Nadeem Anjum also mentioned in these words that his policy and his duties do not allow him to appear in public but for the sake of the country and the nation, he is speaking today. Because sometimes a lie has to prove a lie.

He said that when he felt apprehensive that the lie was causing mischief and disorder in the country, he decided to come out and speak because it became necessary to answer the lie.

In his conversation, Lt. Gen. Nadeem Anjum said that the army chief was offered a life extension before him, which he turned down.

Without naming anyone, he also said that if you think that the army chief is a traitor, why do you repeatedly ask him to extend it? If you think that the army chief is a traitor, why do you meet him at night?

Without naming anyone, he also said that if you think that the army chief is a traitor, why do you repeatedly ask him to extend it? If you think that the army chief is a traitor, why do you meet him at night?
Answering a question on this occasion, DGISI said that ‘Mir Jafar, Mir Sadiq, the traitor, neutral, an animal is not because my institution, my agency, the army chief. It is treason. It’s not even because they’ve done anything illegal. This is because they, their institution, have refused to do anything unconstitutional, or illegal.

Nadeem Anjum said that General Bajwa also sacrificed himself. “You know how much they were criticized for their children.”

In response to another question, DG ISPR Lt. Gen. Iftikhar Babar said that he himself never used the word neutral but always said that we are non-political and for that, he is called an animal.

The constitution of Pakistan is in accordance with Sharia law. There is no doubt about it. The constitution of Pakistan is the constitution of an Islamic state. And in the same constitution, it is written that institutions will play their role within their constitutional limits, and we take oath on this constitution.

DGISI gave open and clear answers to several questions of the journalists, but at one point he also said that sometimes the truth has to be kept secret because at that time telling too much truth becomes evil.

The press conference was held in the background of a worrisome atmosphere and the faces of the two army officers were mostly spotty. However, there was a moment when Nadeem Anjum got a slight smile on his face when a journalist praised his speaking style and said that you speak Urdu very well.

Post Press Conference Scenario:

Although the DGISI has confirmed the army chief’s meetings with politicians (Imran Khan) and has not ruled out the possibility of further talks, such openness by the army and its intelligence agency has left Pakistan The political landscape in the near future looks quite turbulent.

Imran Khan has announced a march from Lahore on Friday, during which he will take a procession in several major cities of Punjab and his close friend Faisal Vawda is warning him about this march that his information Accordingly, it may be attacked and bodies may fall.

Different groups, including political parties, are blaming each other for the murder of well-known journalist Arshad Sharif, and all parties are demanding an investigation.

This whole situation indicates the length of internecine war between various stakeholders and it seems that the coming days and weeks will bring more political unrest and turmoil in the country.

Now it is to be seen that as the DGISI took a historic decision to come out and talk openly to answer the allegations about the army, will the ruling circles of the country be strategic, administrative, conciliatory and important? Will political decisions be taken to avert the looming crisis or will uncertainty continue to increase in this wave of confrontation?

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