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Curse be upon a govt saved against conscience: Prime Minister Khan

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MALAKAND: Curse is upon a government saved against conscience: Prime Minister Khan.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that if the government is to be saved by a bargain of conscience, then the curse is upon such a government.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that a deal of conscience is being struck with the Election Commission, the court, and the people, it is time for the people to decide with whom they stand.

Addressing a public meeting in Dargai Tehsil of Malakand Division, Imran Khan said that at present we have two ways to support the thieves and robbers or go to those who have been talking against corruption for 25 years.

Imran Khan said that now the decisive time has come, there is a difference between a robber and a conscientious objector, one is a robber who goes elsewhere while the other is the one who sells his conscience and religion for money.

He said that dacoits and thieves are trying to buy our MNAs with money, a bargain is being made in front of the whole nation.

Imran Khan said that all this is happening in front of the people, the judiciary, and the Election Commission. I tell my people that now is the time to decide where you stand.

The Prime Minister said that when bags of banknotes were brought in Sindh House and evil came to the notice of all, it was Allah’s command that you should stand against evil and with good, not to remain neutral.

Criticizing the opposition, Imran Khan said that the PML-N had twice sent Asif Zardari to jail for corruption of billions.

He blamed that PPP made theft cases against Nawaz Sharif like Hudabia Paper Mills. He said that these two parties made cases against each other and called each other thieves, today, they are standing together to save their own theft.

Imran Khan said that I was told to buy MNAs and bring them back. I am worried about the hereafter. I curse such a government.

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