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Corruption has further increased in Pakistan: CPI Report 2021

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According to Corruption Perception Index Report 2021 (CPI Report 2021), Corruption has further increased in Pakistan.

Corruption has further increased in Pakistan, Transparency International said

The Pakistan Corruption Perceptions Index dropped 16 places to 140th position.

Berlin: According to the Transparency Report, corruption has increased in Pakistan.

In the global ranking of corruption, Pakistan’s situation has worsened.

Instead of improving the global ranking of corruption, Pakistan went downhill.

Contrary to government claims, corruption has increased rather than decreased, Transparency International said.

Transparency International, a global anti-corruption watchdog, has released the CPI Index Report 2021 on Corruption, which shows an increase in corruption in Pakistan.

In the global list of 180 countries, Pakistan’s decline has been reported at 16 degrees.

Pakistan ranks 140th in the world in terms of corruption with 28 points.

Last year, Pakistan was ranked 124th in the Corruption Perception Index.

According to Transparency International’s Global Corruption Perceptions Report, Pakistan’s non-corruption score has dropped by 3 points.

In 2021, Pakistan scored only 28 points out of 100, compared to 31 last year.

According to Transparency International, corruption in Pakistan has increased compared to last year.

When the current government came to power in 2018, Pakistan was ranked 117th in the Corruption Perceptions Index.

In 2019, Pakistan was ranked 120th. Coming 124th in 2020 and now 140th in 2022 is an indication that Pakistan has slipped 23 places in the current regime.

According to the report, Finland, New Zealand, and Denmark topped the list with 88 scores against corruption, with South Sudan at the bottom of the list.

The United States was 27th with 67 points and India was 85th with 40 points.

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