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Cholesterol Levels, Types, Causes, Symptoms and Cure

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At whatever point cholesterol is referenced, the primary idea that strikes a chord is that it is the enemy of our hearts.

In any case, it is additionally significant for us to realize that it is unsafe to different organs other than coronary failure.

These organs incorporate our legs and feet, which are gravely affected.

Cholesterol Types:

It is a compound substance, 80% of which is made in our liver and 20% is gotten from food.

  • There are two types, LDL Cholesterol and HDL Cholesterol.
  • We call LDL terrible or bad cholesterol, which can prompt coronary illness.
  • LDL causes the walls of the arteries of the heart to turn out to be thick and hard.
  • This makes the arteries become narrow and block the blood flow.
  • Its hurtful impacts are not restricted to the heart yet additionally start to arrive at the legs and feet.

10 Main Symptoms of Cholesterol:

If you have high cholesterol, then take a closer look at the following few signs regarding your legs and feet:

1: Swelling of the Legs

In the event that HDL or LDL limits the supply routes of the heart (narrowing the arteries), the main thing that begins to swell is the legs.

The shins and thighs additionally become swollen and when squeezed with the hand, it’s anything but a pit.

In the event that the swelling builds, the legs begin to get dry and the skin additionally turns out to be delicate.

2: Complaints of Spasms in the Legs and Feet


Youngsters are frequently seen whining of leg cramps.

In the event that the cholesterol rises, the grumblings of fits (Complaints of spasms) in the shins likewise increase.

If the foot is hung up, the bloodstream downwards additionally begins to diminish the fit.

3: Feeling Frail

Excess cholesterol can likewise cause tremors and shortcoming in the legs.

A few patients are affected to such an extent that it gets unimaginable for them to walk.

4: Challenges in Injury Healing

It doesn’t recuperate the feet of diabetics, as it does with diabetes.

The injuries of diabetics are not excruciating but rather the injuries of LDL or HDL patients are agonizing.

5: Cool Feet

Steady chilly feet can be an indication of HDL, yet as per specialists, it’s anything but a typical side effect.

Individuals with HDL or coronary illness ought to counsel a specialist if their feet are cold.

6: Staying Leg Pain

An overabundance of cholesterol makes the veins grow or choke.

This can prompt different issues, either greatness in the legs or a consuming sensation.

It can likewise cause torment in one piece of the leg or cause perpetual agony in the leg.

7: Balding (Hair Loss)

The absence of an ordinary bloodstream makes the hair on the legs drop out and once the hair is spotless, it doesn’t return.

The hardness of the meat is additionally an indication of LDL or HDL, which causes swelling in the legs and a gleam on the skin.

8: Skin Staining

If HDL affects the legs, the skin shading changes, the legs become yellow or blue.

Toenails become filthy and hard, however, they become ordinary with standard drugs.

9: Loss of Leg Tissues

In the event that patients don’t get their cholesterol checked, they can get different foot sicknesses.

One of these illnesses is tissue misfortune, in which case there is a danger of the patient getting impaired or kicking the bucket.

10: No Sign to Show up

Feeling the body’s different illnesses is likewise an endowment of nature, in light of the fact that solitary when there is torment, is there a fix.

Significant diseases If an individual is abruptly assaulted, then, at that point he doesn’t get an opportunity to recuperate.

On the off chance that you have any indications of uneasiness in your legs because of HDL, counsel a specialist right away.

In any case, at times, there is no indication of the legs being affected by HDL.

Treatment and Causes of HDL and LDL

One of the normal cholesterol levels is also termed good cholesterol.

  • If you are experiencing bad cholesterol, then avoid high cholesterol foods.
  • You can chalk out high cholesterol diet plan vs a low cholesterol diet plan according to your need
  • Eat foods that lower cholesterol fast.
  • Eat good cholesterol foods to reduce cholesterol.
  • Before attempting high cholesterol treatment, you should do a cholesterol test i.e. lipid test.

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