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Chinese Role in Saudi Iran Relations in 2023

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Chinese Role in Saudi Iran Relations in 2023

The world, especially in South Asia, is showing signs of rapid geopolitical changes.

How can Pakistan be affected by these changes or what will be the role of Pakistan? This is what we will discuss in this article.

Friendly neighbor China has a unique identity in the whole world thanks to its style of diplomacy. A key aspect of his diplomacy is silence.

He neither makes a fuss before the diplomatic process nor raises a fuss after the completion of the diplomatic process.

On the one hand, through CPEC, China has given support to a large region of the world, including the Central Asian states, and on the other hand, by playing a positive role in various global conflicts, it has proved to be a major player in the field of global politics.

Saudi Iran Relations in 2023

Last year, on December 7, 2022, Chinese President Xi Jinping paid a three-day official visit to Saudi Arabia, which received significant coverage in the Arab media.

On the other hand, Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is trying to make Saudi Arabia an economic power and present a new face to the world.

Under the Saudi Crown Prince’s Vision 2030, Saudi Arabia is focusing on economic development after wrapping up all its conflicts.

It is not difficult for a leader with this vision to build relations with warring countries of the world.

He mended the bad relations with Qatar and went to Qatar to watch the football world cup match.

Muhammad bin Salman has given a new dimension to the relations between Turkey and Saudi Arabia and kept a deposit of five billion dollars in Turkey.

In response to this move, Turkey improved its relations with the Arab world, abandoning efforts to create a parallel Islamic bloc vis-à-vis the Arabs.

Like Saudi Arabia and China, a government with new trends was elected in Iran, which has the strong support of Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.

On February 14, 2023, this year, Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi paid an important visit to China.

Many economic and political decisions were taken during this visit.

In this background, the end of the conflict between Saudi Arabia and Iran is an important global development.

Relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran have a history of hundreds of years, but the last major deterioration in these relations came in 2016 and diplomatic relations between the two countries were severed.

Saudi Iran Relations and Pakistan

Saudi Iran Relations in 2023
Saudi Iran Relations in 2023

However, Prince Mohammed bin Salman started negotiations with Iran under Vision 2030.

Thus, five rounds of negotiations between Saudi Arabia and Iran took place in 2021 with the cooperation of Oman and Iraq.

Later, China played an important role in bringing the two countries closer. Historically, Saudi Arabia is considered the country of the American camp.

US military bases are also located in Saudi Arabia, but Saudi Arabia’s tilt towards China and the recent agreement have made Saudi Arabia’s new priorities clear.

This month, on March 10, 2023, a joint declaration was issued at the end of the negotiations between Saudi Arabia and Iran in China, on the same day as the first day of the start of the third presidential term of the Chinese president.

The election of the day also made clear the Chinese ambition that in the coming five years, China will play the role of a positive mediator in all global conflicts.

According to the joint declaration, the two countries will reopen embassies within two months and will respect each other’s sovereignty and not interfere in each other’s internal affairs.

According to the recent agreement, Saudi Arabia and Iran will ensure the implementation of the economic agreement made in 1998 and will also implement the security agreement of 2001.

The three parties to the talks, i.e. Saudi Arabia, Iran, and China, also vowed to use all efforts for regional and global peace.

After this agreement, the concern and tension in the Middle East due to the conflict between Saudi Arabia and Iran will end, and peace will develop in the region.

Iran will also continue to improve its economic conditions.

Although the United States has expressed mixed reactions to this important agreement, it is important to understand that China has challenged American authority by free arbitration in a global dispute for the first time.

China has neither asked for military bases nor forced any country to buy weapons from it in exchange for peace, which has increased China’s global stature.

Peace between Saudi Arabia and Iran will have positive effects on Pakistan.

The coldness in the relations between Iran and Pakistan will end and there will be a positive change in the internal conditions of Pakistan.

This development at the global level can be benefited only when a stable political government is established in Pakistan.

The current government’s diplomatic incompetence can be gauged from the fact that Pakistan was not fully trusted in such important negotiations.

The behavior of China and Saudi Arabia during the negotiations with the IMF is also a consideration for the current rulers.

It is necessary to establish a stable political government in Pakistan to maintain its role in the global changes, otherwise, we will continue to lose our role and importance in global conflicts.

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