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China’s Chang’e 5 Mission Successfully Lands on the Moon

Chang'e 5 will collect 2 Kg of soil samples from the surface of the moon and will send it back to Earth

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ISLAMABAD: China has made a giant leap in the history of mankind and in the history of space technology as China launched another space mission to the moon for research purposes successfully. China has sent a robotic spacecraft ” Chang’e 5″ that has successfully landed on the surface of the moon.

This Chinese spaceship will spend a few days on the moon during its mission.

Purpose of the Chang’e 5 Mission


Chang’e 5 will collect material to test the geological features of the moon. Chang’e 5 will collect rock samples and soil from the moon’s surface and bring it back to Earth.

The Chinese lunar-mission “Chang’e 5” will collect about 2 kg of soil from the surface of the moon and will send it back to Earth via another part of the robotic spacecraft. The other part of Chang’e 5 is currently orbiting the moon.

When did Chang’e 5 Land on the Moon?


According to the Chinese Space Agency, ” Chang’e Five” landed on the moon at 11:11 pm local time. The news was broadcast on TV channels as soon as Change Five’s landing on the moon was confirmed. Pictures released by the Chinese Agency ” Chang’e Five” landing on the moon show the shadow of one of the legs of the spaceship on the dusty surface of the moon.

The US space agency NASA has congratulated China on the great success of this huge space mission.

The Structure and Composition of the Chang’e 5

It should be noted that the ” Chang’e 5″ is equipped with many such devices, including radar, spectrometers and modern cameras. Change 5 weighs 8.2 tons and was launched from southern China’s “Wenchang Space Base” on November 24.

The mission enters the orbit of moon last Sunday, where Change 5 began orbiting the moon and then split in two to land on the moon. A part of the moon will continue to revolve in this way. While the other part, the Change 5 has landed on the surface of the moon.

History of Moon Missions


Even before the Chang’e 5 mission, China’s two moon missions have been successful. Earlier, the “Chang’e 3” mission in 2013 and the ” Chang’e 4” mission in 2019 had been successful.

Forty-four years ago, the Soviet Union sent its own “Luna 24 mission” to the moon for this purpose, but this mission was able to collect only 200 grams of soil samples from the surface of the moon.

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