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Causes of arthritis! Do mouth germs cause arthritis?

By: Nazia Mustafa

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Amsterdam: Do mouth germs cause arthritis? It was a question that scientists had to solve in their research about the causes of arthritis.

The Dutch scientists found many important results in their latest research.

Scientists believe that the initial symptoms of arthritis may be related to the high number of two types of germs found in our mouths.

It should be noted that similar research has shown in the past that mouth and stomach bacteria in arthritis patients are very different from other healthy people.

Method of Research: Causes of Arthritis:

To carry out this research, medical experts from the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, recruited 150 volunteers, 50 of whom were perfectly healthy.

Early symptoms of arthritis appeared in the 50 volunteers, but they had not yet developed the disease, while the remaining 50 volunteers had arthritis.

Results of the Research:

Analysis of the types and amounts of germs (bacteria) in the saliva samples taken from the mouths of all the volunteers revealed the following results:

  • Both people with arthritis symptoms and patients with arthritis had “Prevotella” and “Veillonella” in their saliva.
  • The amount of these bacteria was significantly higher than in healthy people.
  • Both of these types of bacteria cause irritation and discomfort.
  • There was also a large number of “Veillonella” bacteria around the tongues of arthritis patients and with mere symptoms.

Conclusions of Research:

This study further clarifies the link between arthritis and the bacteria found in the mouth.

The germs Prevetella and Veillonella are still not said to be the cause of arthritis. More research is needed for this purpose.

Causes of arthritis and Future of Treatment:

If this is also proved in future research, then only by examining the germs in the saliva where other diseases can be diagnosed, a person suffering from arthritis can be detected in time.

Early or premature diagnosis of arthritis will also help to better treat the disease.

Important Note: This research is published in the latest issue of the online research journal “Arthritis and Rheumatology“.

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