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Biography of General Faiz Hameed: Education, Career

Biography, Birth, Hometown, Family Life, Education, Military career, and Hobbies of General Faiz Hameed

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Biography of General Faiz Hameed: DG ISI

Lieutenant General Faiz Hameed HI(M) is a Pakistani military officer (in General Rank).

He is a three-star ranking general and serving as Core Commander Peshawar in the Pakistan Army.

Birth, Education, Early Life:

Biography of General Faiz Hameed

Sardar Faiz Hameed was born in village of Latifal in Chakwal, Pakistan.

He was commissioned in the Baloch Regiment.

Sardar Najaf Hameed, his brother is a land revenue officer in his hometown.

Faiz Hameed Family Background

Faiz Hameed’s family belongs to Chakwal which has produced prominent military commanders in the history of Pakistan.

Lt Gen Faiz Hameed Cast?

Ex-chief spymaster of Pakistan General Faiz Hameed has his roots in the Mughal tribe. His ancestors came to the sub-continent with Mughal Emperor Babar.

Commands Held in Pakistan Army:

Following are the details of commands held by Gen Faiz Hameed in the Pakistan Army.

  • He served as Adjutant General at the GHQ (General Headquarters) in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. (From April 2019 till June 2019).
  • Lieutenant General Faiz Hameed previously served as head of the ISI (Counter Intelligence Wing). (From January 2017 till April 2019).
  • He has remained GOC (General Officer Commanding) of 16 infantry divisions at Pano Akil Cantonment. (From June 2015 till January 2017).
  • DG Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) (From June 2019 6th October 2021)
  • Core Commander Peshawar (From 6th October 2021 till date).

Services in ISI:

  • Lieutenant General Faiz Hameed previously served as head of the ISI (Counter Intelligence Wing).
  • Later he served as Director-General of Inter-Services Intelligence (DG-ISI). He was the 24th Director-General of ISI.

Gen Faiz in Kabul:

Biography of General Faiz Hameed
“Don’t worry, everything will be okay”. General Faiz talking to a media person.

DG ISI Lt Gen Faiz Hameed reached Kabul a few days after the Afghan capital was conquered by the Taliban.

said on Saturday that “everything will be okay” in Afghanistan as he arrived in Kabul on what sources said was a day-long trip related to the security of the region.

“What do you hope is going to happen now in Afghanistan,” a reporter asked General Faiz.

Lt Gen Faiz Hameed told the reporter with a smile on his face, “Don’t worry, everything will be okay”.

General Faiz – Criticism and Controversies:

General Faiz Hameed’s name first came to light between 2017 and 2018, when banned TLP workers staged a sit-in at Faizabad, Rawalpindi for several days.

The agreement between the government and the Tehreek-e-Labbaik was signed (then Major General) by Faiz Hameed as a guarantor.

General Faiz Hameed has been criticized by the leadership of the opposition party PML-N.

After appearing in the Islamabad High Court, PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz spoke to the media.

Maryam Nawaz said, “My case was politically engineered, General Faiz Hameed made this case and sentenced me.”

PML-N leader Maryam Nawaz alleged that General Faiz had ensured that a bench was formed which would not grant bail to Nawaz Sharif and me.

Maryam Nawaz also alleged that her case was framed, tried, and sentenced by General Faiz, so the case is completely baseless.

General Faiz and No-Confidence Motion:

General Faiz once again made headlines when a no-confidence motion was filed against Imran Khan.

Asif Farooqi of BBC Urdu in his article pointed out that the Prime Minister wanted to remove the army chief and appoint someone else (probably General Faiz) as army chief.

The article narrates the story of last night’s events that

Meanwhile, two uninvited guests also reached the Prime Minister’s House by helicopter, with extraordinary security and well-armed men, and met the Prime Minister in private for about an hour and a half.

It is unknown at this time what they talked about.

The sudden arrival of these uninvited guests was unexpected for the Prime Minister. Imran Khan was waiting for the helicopter but his guesses and expectations about the passengers of this helicopter proved to be completely wrong.

Sources said that the former prime minister was expecting that his newly appointed officials would reach the Prime Minister’s House in this helicopter and after that, the noise which started from Parliament House after the Supreme Court decision would subside.

It may have happened, but the problem was that the legal document (notification) that should have been issued by the Ministry of Defense for this highest dismissal and a new appointment could not be issued, thus thwarting the Prime Minister’s House’s attempt at this ‘revolutionary’ change.

On Sunday morning, however, the Army spokesman denied the allegations.”

General Faiz Photos and Images:

Photos and Biography of General Faiz Hameed

Biography of General Faiz Hameed
Lt. General Faiz Hameed (Right) and Lt. General Asif Ghafoor (Left)

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