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Bakhtawar Episode 06 with Yumna Zaidi – 21st August 2022

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Drama Bakhtawar Episode 06 with Yumna Zaidi – 21st August 2022.

Beautifully written and produced drama Bakhtawar was initially released on July 17, 2022, on HUM TV.

This famous drama is written by Nadia Akhtar. Momina Duraid is the producer of this beautiful drama.

In fact, it is a production of “MD Productions”, DOP by Azhar Ali, and directed by Shahid Shafat.

Cast & Characters of Drama Bakhtawar:

Yumna Zaidi is appearing as Bakhtawar, Noreen Gulwani as Naseema (Bakhtawar’s sister), Noor ul Hassan as Razzaq (Bakhtawar’s s father), Huma Nawab as Shareefa (Bakhtawar’s mother), and Adnan Shah Tipu as Hameed (Shareefa’s brother & Bakhtawar’s uncle).

Kauser Siddiqui is appearing as Hameed’s wife, Ali Wasi Kazmi as Ahad, Salma Asim as Sakina, Zaviyar Nauman as Malik Dilawar, and Qaiser Khan Nizamani as Malik Sherzaman (Dilawar’s father).

Mizna Waqas, Saqib Sumeer, Sunil Shankar, Babar Ali, Fazila Qazi, Sachal Afzal, Urooj Abbas, Shamoon Abbasi, Sana Khan, and Saima Kanwal are also performing in this drama.

Other actors include Akhyar Khalid, Maryam Shaikh, Mantasha Kiani, Maham Nadeem, Khizar Gul, Aslam Sheikh, and Anees Alam.

Story of Drama Inaam-e-Mohabbat:

Malik Dilawar, the primary offspring of the eminent lawmaker Malik Sherzaman encounters a lethal attack at the bistro where Bakhtawar works. Bakhtawar pressures his shot physical issue with a piece of clothing and escorts him to the clinical center in time.

A while later, notwithstanding Shareefa’s reluctance, she decides to continue with her assessments. Returning to the misrepresentation of a woman, she evades the street loafers and gets pursued by a school.

The exceptionally standard property manager endeavors to poke her nose in Bakhtawar’s life to secure any kind of snitch. Bakhtawar burns through her time right after experiencing the profane approach to acting in the male-driven culture.

She decides to leave her work environment directly following getting redressed. Dilawar is an open, current youngster who loathes his father’s calling and won’t be a piece of it. He, fundamentally, disdains Sherzaman due to the way that he has attracted Dilawar to a young woman of his choice as a component of an understanding.

Link to Watch the Drama Bakhtawar Episode 06

This drama is aired at 8:00 PM; the link is usually posted here at about 9:00 PM. Here are the links from Bakhtawar Episode 06.

Trailer Bakhtawar Episode 07:

Here is a link to enjoy the trailer (Teaser) for the 07th Episode of this beautiful drama.

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