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Ayesha Name Meaning in Urdu

Ayesha Name Meaning in Urdu

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Ayesha Name Meaning In Urdu (Girl Name عائشہ)

Ayesha is a Muslim Girl Name, it has multiple Islamic meaning, the best Ayesha name meaning is Woman Life. Aisha Was The Name Of The Favorite Wife Of The Prophet Mohammed., and in Urdu it means آرام پانے والی. The name is Arabic originated name, the associated lucky number is 7.



انگریزی نام



آرام پانے والی،راحت وسكون سے رہنے والی







موافق دن

منگل, جمعرات

لکی نمبر


موافق پتھر


موافق رنگ

سرخ, بنفشی

موافق دھاتیں

تانبا, لوہا

عائشہ نام کا شمار لڑکیوں کے ناموں میں ہوتا ہے۔ عائشہ نام کی ابتدائی تاریخ عربی زبان سے نکلتی ہے۔ عائشہ نام کے افراد کے لیئے خوش قسمت نمر 7 مانا جاتا ہے .عائشہ نام کا مطلب آرام پانے والی،راحت وسكون سے رہنے والی – آرام پانے والی، حضور سروركائنات صلی اللہ عليہ وسلم كی زوجہ ہے جبکہ خوش قسمت دنوں میں منگل, جمعرات شامل ہیں ۔ خوش قسمتی والی دھاتوں میں ہندسوں کے حساب ے تانبا, لوہا شامل ہیں عائشہ نام کے افراد کے لیئے موافق رنگوں میں سرخ, بنفشی شامل ہیں۔ عائشہ نام کے افراد کے لیئے موافق پتھروں میں روبی شامل ہیں .

Ayesha name holders can choose ruby as their lucky stones however copper, iron are the lucky metals for this name. This page provides the authentic and alternative spellings of Ayesha’s name.

Ayesha’s name meanings in English and Urdu are available here. The list of famous people with the name Ayesha can be discovered on this page. Find all the latest and most famous Islamic baby names here.

Personality and Character of Ayesha:

Scarcely any words can’t make sense of the character of an individual. Ayesha is a name that connotes an individual who is great back to front. Ayesha is a liberal and unusual individual.

Moreover, Ayesha is an inquisitive character about the things living around her. Ayesha is an autonomous character; she doesn’t have certainty about individuals yet she totally is familiar with them.

Ayesha takes time to get candid with individuals since she is abashed. Individuals around Ayesha for the most part believe that she is astute and blameless. The dress is the thing, that makes Ayesha’s character more charming.

Perspective of Ayesha

  1. Ayesha likely thinks that when were youngsters our folks rigorously show us a few brilliant guidelines of life.
  2. One of these guidelines is to think before you express yourself since words won’t return.
  3. Ayesha feels that We can fail to remember the outside wounds however we can’t fail to remember the cruel phrasing of somebody.
  4. Ayesha believes that Words are sufficient to make somebody blissful and can sting as well.
  5. She doesn’t think like different people.
  6. She thinks the present is an ideal opportunity to do anything.
  7. Ayesha is no anymore a profound bonehead character.
  8. Ayesha is an individual of words.
  9. She generally satisfies her/his phrasings.
  10. Ayesha generally focuses on the choices taken by the mind, not by heart.
  11. Since generally individuals listen to their hearts, not their psyche, and take genuinely awful choices.

Doesn’t Blindly Acknowledge Things

Ayesha used to ponder herself/himself. She doesn’t trust that if somebody is great to her/his she/he should do something great for them.

In the event that Ayesha doesn’t wish to do the things, she won’t make it happen. She could back away from everybody in light of the fact that Ayesha represents reality.

Keep Your Power

Ayesha knows how to make herself/himself best, she generally controls her/his feelings. She makes other miserable and consistently make individuals simply be at their cutoff points.

Ayesha knows everyone’s terrible way of behaving could influence this life, so Ayesha makes individuals remain far away from her/his life.

Try not to Act Hastily

Individuals around Ayesha just understand what Ayesha permits them to be aware of. Ayesha doesn’t make an alarm in a tough spot rather she contemplates what is going on and pursues a choice as shrewd individuals do.

Exquisite considerations of Ayesha Name Meaning

Ayesha doesn’t pass judgment on individuals by their looks. Ayesha is an otherworldly character and accepts what individuals truly are. Ayesha has a few guidelines to remain for certain individuals.

Ayesha used to grasp individuals yet she doesn’t look into ridiculing their feelings and sentiments. Ayesha used to remain alone and need to invest the majority of her energy with her/his family and understanding books.

Q. What is the Lucky Number of Ayesha?

The lucky number associated with the name Ayesha is “7”.

Q. What does Ayesha’s name mean?

Ayesha name meaning in Urdu is “آرام پانے والی،راحت وسكون سے رہنے والی – آرام پانے والی، حضور سروركائنات صلی اللہ عليہ وسلم كی زوجہ”. In English, Ayesha’s name meaning is “woman life. Aisha was the name of the favorite wife of the prophet Mohammed.”.

Q. What is the religion of the name Ayesha?

The religion of the name Ayesha is Muslim.

Q. What is the origin of Ayesha’s name?

The origin of the name Ayesha is Arabic.

Q. What is the auspicious color of the name Ayesha?

For the name Ayesha, the lucky color is red, and violet.

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