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Ancestral Haveli of Karan Johar in Pakistan

Sajjad Azhar

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Ancestral Haveli of Karan Johar in Pakistan. What is the state of Karan Johar’s ‘Abai Haveli’ in Tala Gang?

When it is claimed that Karan Johar’s father and renowned director Yash Johar was the younger brother of IS Johar, then why does Tala Gang’s name not come up with his mention?

Did you know that the famous star of the Indian film industry, Andersen Johar, who is known to the world as IS Johar, belonged to Talagang, a city 136 kilometers away from Islamabad and a recently formed district?

I S Johar was the first Indian film star to be nominated for the British Academy Film Awards. He was called India’s Charlie Chaplin and also showed his talent in the famous film Lawrence of Arabia.

He made his mark in all three fields acting, directing, and film writing.

Some people believe that the current Bollywood director Karan Johar is also his relative.

Who was I S Johar?

He was born on February 16, 1920, in Talagang. This is the Tala Gang of 103 years ago, which was then a town in Pindi Gheb Tehsil of Attock District.

When Chakwal was given district status in 1985, Talagang was made a tehsil of Chakwal.

Parvez Elahi gave Talagang the status of a district during his previous regime.

I S Johar grew up in a prominent Hindu family in the area and after receiving his primary education from Talagang, he matriculated from Sanatana Dharam High School in Sargodha, then known as Shahpur.

Later he did his Master’s in Economics and Political Science from FC College Lahore. Also did LLB.

I S Johar married actress Rama Baines in 1943, with whom he had a son, Anil Johar, and a daughter, Ambika Johar, who later joined the Indian film industry.

At the time of the partition, his family had gone to Patiala to attend a wedding ceremony with his relatives, but the riots broke out and the family could not return.

I S Johar’s first film as a hero ‘Ek Thee Girl’ was released in 1949, after which he did not look back for the next 30 years.

Ancestral Haveli of Karan Johar in Pakistan

In the 1970s, his two films ‘Johane Mera Naam’ and ‘Shagard’ became very popular.

There was a time when his name alone was considered a guarantee of success, during this period many films were made under his name, including ‘Mera Naam Johar’, ‘Johar in Kashmir’ and ‘Johar in Bombay’ etc.

One of his films ‘Nasbandi’ was released during Indira Gandhi’s reign. He also wrote a play on Bhutto’s life.

In 1957, he was invited to the Indian Film Festival in London, where apart from British film stars, Hollywood stars were also present, and he was introduced as India’s Charlie Chaplin.

But when he later came to the dais, he said, “This is not the first time that I have been called India’s Charlie Chaplin. In fact, I have been insulted many times before.”

“My life is full of misfortunes and this responsibility also rests on the people connected with me who sometimes proved to be lucky for me and sometimes unlucky.” It started from my birth.

I had a twin brother who looked exactly like me. People were also often deceived. I was very hardworking and it worked, I took the exam at the university and the university gave him the degree.

He committed a crime, the police caught me. The girl I loved married my brother. But last year I cleared all calculations. I died but people buried him.

With this subtle speech of IS Johar, the hall became saffron and resounded with applause. IS Johar acted in Hindi, English, and Punjabi films? He died on 10 March 1984. He had five marriages.

Even when there is a scandal about the current famous director of Bollywood, Karan Johar, it is mentioned in the media that his uncle I S Johar was also colorful.

who was the elder brother of his father Yash Johar who died in 2004, whose company Dharma Productions produced ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’, ‘Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham’, ‘Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna’, ‘Kal Ho Na Ho’ and Also made popular films like ‘My Name Is Khan’.

Where was I S Johar’s House in Talagang?

Tanveer Malik, a well-known bureaucrat, and writer from Talagang has recently come out with a book titled ‘Shahr-e-Ashub Talagang’ published by Sungi Publishing Haripur.

It also has an article ‘Johran Ali Maari’. In the local language, it is called Maari Haveli.

In this article, Tanveer Malik writes that in 1947, the family of Andersen Johar and Yash Johar migrated to India, but their residence is still known as Johran Ali Maari in Tella Gang.

When the neighborhoods of the Muslim neighborhood in the city consisted of mud houses, at that time this three-storied and beautiful “Mari” was located on the main thoroughfare of the city i.e. Chakwal Mianwali Road was the crown jewel of the city. The rear walls of this Haveli were towards the western side of Gali Sethian.

It had a small door opening just opposite the post office on Chakwal Road which was long used as a lady doctor’s clinic.

Its main gate opened towards the east in the street known as Sheikhan Ali Street.

Johran Ali Maari could be said to be representative of the Hindu style of architecture. The surrounding houses also belonged to Hindus.

A large carved wooden door, a narrow courtyard as you enter, surrounded by two or three stories of small living rooms.

On the one hand, on the ground floor, there is a clean toilet, a prayer room, and usually a well in the courtyard which is well-covered.

A small row with a few basil plants. This plant is planted as a symbol of good fortune in Hinduism.

Narrow staircases around the courtyard, numerous balconies, ornate nooks and crannies on the upper floor for men to sit, wide wooden windows with iron bars facing outwards and light beams, and wooden shutters opening into the inner courtyard.

Walls built with railings and beautiful turrets, yellow Rajasthani sandstone plasterwork on the outer walls, small sculptures of bull trees and animals, small decorative brickwork on the front wall, painted walls of the rooms, and carved religious images.

Johran Ali Mari also saw strange ups and downs after 1947.

Haveli of Karan Johar in Pakistan

First, an elderly Dr. Anwar Sahiba was allotted. A small clinic of his operated here for years. In 1970, the People’s Party office was established here.

Later, it was sold to the Bhatti family who did not enjoy it and their two younger years were exposed to family feuds.

After which it was said that this Mari is haunted. Today, a large part of it has been demolished and a hotel has been constructed here.

What is IS Johar’s relationship with Karan Johar?

Many families in Bollywood are related to each other.

Karan Johar is fed up with the high fees of young actors

When it is claimed that Karan Johar’s father and renowned director Yash Johar was the younger brother of IS Johar, then why Tala Ganga’s name does not come with his mention, but he was born in 1929 in Amritsar?

His son and renowned director Karan Johar who has been awarded India’s highest civilian award Padma Shri in 2020 for outstanding services in the film industry.

Karan Johar has given many hits at the Indian box office, his profile doesn’t even mention that he is the nephew of famous Indian actor IS Johar.

Yes, of course, whenever there is a scandal associated with him, some websites appear to claim that he has gone to his uncle I S Johar, who had many scandals and five marriages.

Maybe IS Johar is not Karan Johar’s real uncle but Rishti’s uncle.

Because there was a lot of internal migration in India at that time, people migrated to small and big cities in search of better opportunities.

It is possible that Yash Johar’s family moved from Talagang to Amritsar long before the partition.

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