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6 Unsafe and harmful apps for Android Steal Facebook Password

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Silicon Valley: The digital experts have identified 6 harmful apps for Android mobile phones users.

These apps steal facebook ID login information and Password When these unsafe applications are installed on a cell phone.

The android users ought not to utilize these apps as these applications take the login (username) and secret password of your Facebook account.

Undoubtedly, Making such apps is a cybercrime.

A cell phone and PC malware tracking organization has identified mobile phone apps that steal your Facebook account login subtleties and secret password data once installed on a cell phone.

Mechanism of Dangerous & Harmful Apps for Android:

Harmful Apps for Android

These applications were accessible on the Google Play Store some time back.

In excess of 15 million of these applications, comprising of Trojan-Steelers as innocuous programming, have been installed.

Google has removed these apps from play stores after reports from Apps security experts.

  • These Trojan applications utilize exceptional instruments to trick their victims.
  • After the essential settings, it shows the real web address of Facebook https://www.facebook.com/login.php in the web see and requests that the user enters his user ID and secret password.
  • They then, at that point load JavaScript on a similar web view and afterward utilize the hack script straightforwardly to commandeer the entered login data.
  • These Trojan apps take the login and secret password and move it to the hacker’s server using the JavaScript interface invitation provided by JavaScript.
  • These applications likewise take cookies from the current approval session and send them to cybercriminals.

6 Unsafe and Harmful Apps for Android

Harmful Apps for Android
6 Unsafe and harmful apps for Android Steal Facebook Password

Below are details of some of the most important and popular Trojan applications.

1: Rubbish Cleaner

This app was used to optimize the performance of Android devices.

It was downloaded more than a million times.

2: INWELL Fitness

As the name suggests, this is a fitness app.

It was also downloaded more than 5 million times on Android devices.

3: PIP Photo – Harmful Apps for Android

PIP is a photo editing app and it was developed by Lillians.

This app was downloaded over 5 million times on Android devices.

4: Horoscope Daily

This daily horoscope application has been downloaded 1 million times.

It was designed by developer HscopeDaily momo.

5: App Lock Keep

Apparently, this application secures access to other applications.

It a major threat to the user himself.

It was downloaded more than 5,000 times.

6: Processing Photo

This is also a photo editing app and was designed by developer Hamilton.

This app has also been installed over 5 million times on Android devices.

Google has already removed these applications from the Play Store because application security is always preferred.

Apps security experts have advised that android mobile phone users ought not to install these apps from anywhere.

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