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5 things women find attractive in men

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5 Things women find attractive in men

Five movements of men are liked by a woman (wife) very much, which most people do not know:

5 Things women find attractive in men:

1: Taking a woman’s hands in your own hands, makes you feel the fragrance of satisfaction and comfort.

2: Removal of the hair hanging on the face and forehead of the wife gently, by doing this, the wife will give you the effect in every way.

3: Wiping the tears of a wife with her own fingers, in this, a woman feels a lot of affection for herself.

4: Tell the wife that I love you, (I love you) Even if she is angry, tell the wife that I have found love feelings for you and it is possible that you can also change the same words from you. Imagine.

5: Kissing the forehead of my wife, say that you are a great blessing from Allah for me, which Allah Almighty has given me as a gift.

Remember: Women in Islam enjoy a variety of rights and privileges. Matrimony takes place on the foundation of a wedlock contract.

Arranged wedding is fairly commonplace in rightist families, whether in Muslim countries or as first or alternate-generation emigrants away.

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