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15 Famous Food in Lahore – Lahore Famous Food

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15 Famous Food in Lahore – Lahore Famous Food – Famous dishes of Lahore – famous Lahore food

Lahore famous dishes are really tasty – These are the most Famous food points in Lahore.

Lahore is known for its delicious food. You must taste this food when you visit this beautiful historical city.

1. Butt Karahi:

15 Famous Food in Lahore - Lahore Famous Food
15 Famous Food in Lahore – Lahore Famous Food

The Butt Karahi at Lakshmi Chowk in the center of Lahore is one of the Lahore cuisines. By the way, every meal you find at Lakshmi Chowk is unique.

Butt’s pan is a special gift from Lahore. It is prepared in front of the aspiring customers of Lahore with the meat of their choice, examples, and pure examples according to the test.

Freshly baked bread, raita, and salad with the frying pan double the taste of the frying pan.

Whoever eats Lahore’s butt frying pan, will definitely come to eat this frying pan again.

2: Phajjay Ke Pai

There is an identity of Lahore. For decades, it has been feeding not only the people of Lahore but also tourists from other countries.

By the way, branches of Pahja have now opened all over Lahore city. But the original and old Phajja shop is in the famous diamond market of Lahore.

This place is available after Fajr prayers till late at night. Which Lahoreis enjoy with sesame clutches and lassi.

3. Fiqa’s Lassi (Lahori Beer)

15 Famous Food in Lahore - Lahore Famous Food
15 Famous Food in Lahore – Lahore Famous Food

It would not be wrong to call Fuqi’s Lucy from Lahore‘s Railway Road Lahore Beer. You must drink this lassi once.

No matter what time it is, what day it is, you always have to wait in line for your turn.

The fact is that even foreigners love “Lucy”. Australian Ambassador Blogger Sophie smiled on her visit to Pakistan and expressed her experience that she fell in love with delicious Lucy.

4. Halwa Puri

15 Famous Food in Lahore - Lahore Famous Food
15 Famous Food in Lahore – Lahore Famous Food

The Lahore breakfast is incomplete without the halwa puri and draws you in with the hot puris and semolina halwa mixed with channa.

Lahore’s best Halwa Puri is “Taj Mahal Puri Wala” which is located in the famous area of ​​Tabi Gali in Lahore.

What’s more, you can enjoy a delicious breakfast as well as see the masterpieces of the historical Mughals.

5: Amritsari Harisa

Amritsari Harisa is also known as Rahim’s half-sister, the difference between the two is nineteen twenty.

Located on Nasbat Road near Lakshmi Chowk, this is a commonplace but delicious Harisa that is found to make you want to eat again and again.

6: Gol Gappay

It is a well-known fact that no one has the Gol Gappay like the gossip on the road. Although Gol Gappay is available all over Pakistan.

But the unique and delicious taste of Nasbat Road roundabouts has defeated everyone, which is right in front of Amritsar Harisa.

Gossip is also very popular among foreigners. Indian novelist Weston Dave had declared pomegranate his favorite dish after eating goulash in Lahore.

7: Mohammadi Nahari

Nahari is one of the famous dishes of Pakistan. Mohammadi Nahari has the most branches in Lahore.

If someone comes to Lahore and eats Mohammadi Nahari and leaves Lahore, it is abuse.

8: Lahore Chargha (Famous Lakshmi Chowk)

Lakshmi Chowk also has the upper hand in Lahore Chargha. It tastes great and the recipe is great.

9: Kheer (Famous Lakshmi Chowk)

This delicious kheer made from pure milk and khoya is available from Lakshmi Chowk, Lahore. Where visitors come to eat a sweet dish after eating.

10: Fish (Bashir Darul Mahi)

15 Famous Food in Lahore - Lahore Famous Food
15 Famous Food in Lahore – Lahore Famous Food

By the way, fish is found in every part of the world. But the fun is in Bashir Darulmahi fish found in Lahore.

He is nowhere. Bashir Darlamahi’s old shop is located in Mozang Chowk. But its branch is now open at Gaddafi Stadium.

11. UET Panga Shake

Sounds weird?

People all over Lahore talk about the shake found in the University of Engineering and Technology (UIT) that such a shake is not drunk.


Falooda is best if you have a few different desserts.

When it comes to leftover food, it has many famous shops in Lahore.

13: Tawa Chicken

Visitors to Lahore Fort cannot help but enjoy the Toa Chicken.

The story of the historical buildings and food of the Mughal Empire can be found even today by visiting the Royal Mosque, Lahore Fort.

14: Nan Khatai

People say that leaving Lahore without eating is tantamount to humiliating Lahore food.

Khalifa is famous not only in Pakistan but also for its non-harvesting. Visitors to Lahore especially visit Khalifa Bakery to bring sweets and pastries as souvenirs.

15. Other Dishes

Bhaiya’s Kebabs and Nafis’s “Dahi Barray” are the reasons for the good Model Town.

Gulistan Cinema’s “Gurda Kapura” and “Maghaz” are also noteworthy.

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