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15 Easy Business Ideas 2020-21, Small Profitable Business Ideas

Sir Mustafa Safdar Baig is the author of this article, who is also Pakistan's leading trainer, business advisor and motivational speaker

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If you want to work on 15 easy business ideas, get started easily with little money, and you will be able to easily manage your household expenses in this era of inflation, then be sure to read this article to the end.

This article is especially for the people who say we are ready to do anything, but there is no work in the country to do. Now get ready.

In this article, I am going to tell you about the business ideas that start from ten to fifteen thousand rupees and you can easily earn about one lakh rupees or more per month.

Remember that all these businesses can be easily started for a few thousand rupees.

1: Kurta Business

You can order men’s and women’s kurtas from Lahore, Faisalabad, and Karachi. You can make a good profit by selling these kurtas at a store or at home in your city or by selling them online.

A kurta easily gives a profit of two to three hundred rupees. If you sell ten kurtas a day, you can easily earn sixty to ninety thousand rupees a month۔

Remember you can also take kurtas on credit by searching some merchants. You do not need to invest much in this work.

2: Children’s toys business

Did you know that most of the money in business is in kids-related items? People may or may not buy something for themselves, but they do buy for their children.

Then go to Lahore at the first opportunity. You may have heard of the famous Shah Alam Market in Lahore. This giant market also has a large children’s toy sub-market, where you can find very cheap toys. You can easily earn 70 to 100% profit by selling these toys in your area.

3: Garment business

Shah Alam Market has also a sub-market named Azam Cloth Market in Lahore. You can buy cheap children’s garments from Azam Cloth Market.

You can also sell them at a profit by setting up stalls etc. anywhere in your area. Even in this job, you can easily earn Rs 50,000 per month.

4: Fancy Shoe Business

Another popular bazaar in Lahore is the “Taxali Bazaar”. The market is famous for its homemade shoes and all kinds of Khussas.

You can bring shoes from the Taxali Bazar and sell them in your city. In this work also you can earn a monthly profit of up to Rs. 60,000.

5: Kamalia’s Khadar Business

Do you know why Kamalia is famous? Kamalia is actually known for its popular and favorite quality of the fabric, Khaddar. Kamalia’s khaddar is famous all over the world and is sold like hot cake.

From Kamalia, you will get all kinds of Khaddar quality. You live in any city of Pakistan, just ask for khaddar from Kamalia, or go and get it.

In the beginning, if you want, ask for a few pieces of khaddar packets and tell your friends. They will take khaddar from you.

Then your friends will tell their friends and your ordered khaddar will start selling normally. If you don’t want to sell this fabric at retail, start supplying it to clothing stores in your area. In this job, you can easily earn one to one and a half lakh rupees per month.

6: Pir Mahal slippers business

There is a beautiful town called Pir Mahal in Toba Tek Singh district. The current Governor of Punjab Chaudhry Sarwar also belongs to this town.

Pir Mahal is famous for its hundreds of footwear factories. Pir Mahal slippers are popular in every small and big city of Pakistan because of their durability and low price.

You can buy slippers from Pir Mahal and retail them in your area, and if you want, you can supply them all over Pakistan. It is not difficult to earn up to one lakh rupees a month from this work.

7: Faisalabad Fabric Business

Of course, you know that Faisalabad is the textile city of Pakistan. From Faisalabad, all kinds of these sewn fabrics are easily available at cheap prices.

You can buy this cloth from Faisalabad and sell it in your own city, and also supply it to other cities.

Profits in this business are higher than you think. There are many true success stories in Faisalabad, in which people started such work and then owned their own textile mills in the end.

8: Motorcycle Safety Covers Business

As important as a helmet is for a motorcyclist, motorcycle safety covers are becoming an essential part also. Like car safety covers, motorcycle safety covers are also in great demand now.

These cores are also prepared in Faisalabad. You can also sew the cover yourself to order according to your brand. Each cover gives you a profit of three to five hundred rupees.

They are so demanding that you cannot meet the demand alone. A friend of ours started working a few months ago, now he has a team of ten people with him and he is saving Rs. 1.5 lakh per month.

9: Dates of Khairpur Sindh

The date palm is a fruit that is eaten all year round. But do you know that despite being the fruit of the Arab region, most of the dates are produces in the Khairpur region of Sindh, Pakistan?

You will find all kinds of delicious and tasty dates at low rates from Khairpur. It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to set up a stall.

You can make more money than any graduate job by making beautiful packets and supplying them to local stores.

Become a workaholic, work and business ideas abound. But the only problem is that all these things seem too small to us.

We think that if we do this, our status in society will be reduced. If this makes you feel inferior, then let me tell you please come out of this inferiority complex.

10: Shikarpur Pickle Business

Did you know that the Shikarpur Sindh pickle is very popular all over the world including Pakistan? It contains all kinds of pickles. There may be some types that you or someone in your area may not have tasted, so you can introduce the famous pickle of Shikarpur in your area.

You can do this by creating a regular brand of your own. You can earn millions of rupees by doing this work in both wholesale and retail firms.

11: Sharqpur Khussa Business

Wearing Khussa with a kurta is not only a fashion but also a centuries-old tradition. The most famous Khussa in Pakistan is considered to be Sharqpur’s Khussa.

If you are already in the shoe business, be sure to keep this variety of Khussa’s with you; otherwise, you will be profitable even if you start it as a brand new business.

One thing to keep in mind when reading these business ideas is that hard work is a great blessing.

Never underestimate a task. Just remember that a hard worker is a friend of Almighty Allah.

And Allah can never harm His friend. So whatever you do, do it with hard work and honesty.

12: Seasonal drinks and dishes

In winter you can set up stalls for chicken corn soup, barbecue, and green tea, etc. You can have burgers and shawarma stalls too.

Similarly, in summer, you can easily earn Rs. 1 lakh by making a stall of |Qulfa Falooda, Fruit Chat. Chana Chat, Dahi Barras, etc.”

13: Cheap or Used Garments Work

If you have very little capital, you can rent a wheelbarrow or a cart, etc. You can also bring cheap clothes from Faisalabad, Karachi, or Lahore and sell them at the stall.

You can also earn a decent monthly income by selling cheap or used children’s garments.

14: Driving services

Do you know how to drive so you can give driving services? You can drive rickshaws and taxis.

Did you know that thousands of educated MSc, M.Phil., and even Ph.D. scholars drive taxis in Pakistan, the USA, and Europe for their livelihood.

Now online services like Uber and Careem are available in Pakistan.

You work with those services. Believe that in this job you can earn double money from the salary of any fresh graduate engineer by working eight to ten hours a day.

15: Soil Related Business

Do you know that even if you touch the soil of Pakistan, it is gold?

For example, you can do the business of pottery. You can do the business of clay bricks.

You can rent a trolley and start filling in the foundations.

Put your hands in the soil, because there is a lot of money in it.

Things to remember before you start work

Before implementing any of these ideas, you must LEARN the following 5 necessary things.

  1. What is the minimum amount of capital required for this business?
  2. Where will the goods get the cheapest?
  3. How to buy cheap and better goods from wholesale distributors?
  4. How to sell to the customer at a reasonable profit?
  5. How to create a business plan and move the business forward?

Important Note

If you don’t know these 5 important things then learn.

If you want to learn all this, be sure to watch the video blog of Sir Mustafa Safdar Baig included in the article. In it, you will find awareness.

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